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Closure Wig
Frontal Wig
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Do you have an un-customized and un-styled wig that you’d like to add TBE’s touch? Book our Wig Customization and Style service and we will completely customize and
style your wig!

Wig Customization and Style Service includes:
• Bleached Knots
• Hairline Customization (plucking, baby hair, etc.)
• Style of your choice

Turnaround Time/Shipping Window
5-10 business days (depending on quantity)

Hair Selection and Guidelines
If you wish to use TBE Luxury Virgin Hair, simply add all hair specs to your cart with this Wig Service. If you wish to use hair elsewhere, please fully read and follow the shipping
guidelines below.

• Wigs must be NEW or GENTLY used and free of any excess dirt or debris.


Shipping Information

• Please ship your CLEAN, THREAD FREE, UN-CUT, LABELED bundles using the shipping label that we will provide by email within 24 hours of purchase.
• Add a note with your package specifying your full name and order # (you will
receive a confirmation email with your order # after you complete your purchase.)
• Using the provided shipping label is MANDATORY. After shipping your hair, please
email us at contact@thebaibeexperience.com, Subject: Order #: — Wig Service,
with your Name, Order #, and Tracking #. We are NOT responsible
for loss of items during shipment.
• Shipping fees at checkout cover both the shipment to us, and your completed wig return. Please make sure the address inputted at checkout is the delivery return address.

Processing and Delivery
5-7 Business Days refers to your shipping window — Processing time begins the next
day your hair arrives in the mail.
TBE Wig Service purchased on 1/1
Hair arrives on 1/7
1/8 = DAY 1 of processing time
1/12-1/16 - SHIPPING WINDOW (1/14-1/15 = weekend)

Additional Information
Wig Type

Closure Wig, Frontal Wig